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Photo Room for .NET

Photo Room is an easy to setup and use web site for posting digital pictures on-line. It makes posting new photo albums as easy as copying a directory.

Latest News

18-January-2005 PhotoRoom version 1.7 is available for download. Big thanks goes out to Chris Lewis for all the hard work. This release would not have happened without his contributions.

Changes include:

  • Added PhotoRoomTimer and PhotoRoomSetup projects to the installation script.
  • Added PhotoRoomTimer to eliminate use of MetaRefresh.
  • Converted SlideShow to ASP.Net server side controls.
  • Added PhotoRoom.CSS as a first pass at CSS skinning.
  • Added appropriate CssClass tags to make use of PhotoRoom.css to SlideShow.aspx and Default.aspx.
  • Added error handling to config.cs to deal w/ malformed web.config.
  • Added Image Rotation to Tricks.aspx.
  • Added Source Image Display (full resolution) to Tricks.aspx.
  • Fixed issue w/ Watermark and Thumbnail. Now using Bitmap.Clone().
  • Changed ListDirectories in DirectoryLister.cs to be similar to ListImages.
  • Fixed memory leak in Thumbnail.aspx, added dispose to Watermark to free BMP file.

24-November-2003 PhotoRoom version 1.6 is available for download. Changes include:

  • exclude_directories entry in web.config now uses the | character as the separator. Previous separator was the ; charater which is valid within a file or directory name.
  • exclude_directories is now case insentive.
  • Changed code to handle condition where no image directories exists.
  • Added feature to display thumbnail images in a table. Allows site owner to control the layout, ie, specify the number of images to display across the page. See documentation for the web.config key image_columns for more information.
  • Added feature to display the image file name in the ALT attribute of the IMG tag for thumbnail images. By default this feature is enabled.

30-September-2003 After releasing version 1.4 I decided to make a few more last minute changes. Two releases in one day. It nice to be writing code again.

PhotoRoom 1.5 has been released and is available for download. Enjoy.

30-September-2003 PhotoRoom 1.4 has been released and is available for download. Enjoy.

28-September-2003 New updates in CVS. Fix a caching problem and added a paging feature for photo albums containing a large number of images. Also, watermarks can now be displayed on multiple image types. See the documentation for more information.

More updates are planned before building a release package. Until then get the latest from CVS.

06-July-2003 Version 1.3 is available for download.

Incorporated project contributions from the last few months. The biggest contribution comes from Jan Emil Christiansen who has provided a tricks page that allows site users to scroll through the collection of images within an album, zoom in and out of an image, change color images to black and white, and display a watermark on the image. The watermark is perfect for those wishing to include a visual copyright message on the images. Be sure to read the documentation page for more information on how to use these new features.

I've also included better image caching. Previous versions relied solely on ASP.NET Output Caching. This latest version will place images in an application cache the first time the image is read in from the hard drive, thus eliminated redundant reads from the hard drive.

09-January-2003 Added ascending/descending sort order feature for the photo album names. For details, please read the documentation page. Note that only CVS has been updated. A new release package has not been made yet.

12-October-2002 Finally, after much delay, the latest version of PhotoRoom is packaged and ready for download. This latest version, v1.2, includes aspect ratio logic and a slide show feature. Enjoy this latest release.

30-June-2002 More updates have been made to PhotoRoom. These updates include more work on the slide show feature, thumbnail images retaining aspect ratio, and image count displayed for each photo album. Thanks goes out to Bryce Jasmer for contributing. A new build with these updates will be made available as soon as the slide show feature is complete. For those who do not want to wait, the latest source can be download from CVS.

16-June-2002 Online documentation is finally available. This will help you understand how to customize certain behaviors of Photo Room.

15-June-2002 Photo Room Version 1.0 is now available for download. An installer is available for those wishing to install only the runtime version of Photo Room. A snapshot of the Version 1.0 source code is also available for download. NOTE: Version 1.0 does not include slide show feature.