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Publishing Photo Albums

File directories within Photo Room are displayed as photo albums. Photo Room displays the directory name as the name of the album. Images found in the directory are displayed as thumbnails when the album name is selected. Site visiters can view the full size image by clicking the thumbnail.

To publish a new photo album, simply create a new directory under the Photo Room directory and place your images to display in the new directory. Next time Photo Room is displayed within a browser the new directory will appear in the list of photo albums.

Customizing Photo Room

Some behaviors of Photo Room can be customized for each deployment. These customization are made within the appSettings section of the web.config.

appSettings overview
key default remarks
image_search_patterns *.jpg *.gif Space delimited list of image file search patterns. The list identifies the files to display as images within a photo album.
exclude_directories bin|components|images| Pipe (|) character delimited list of directories within the Photo Room directory to exclude. The default list excludes directories needed by Photo Room.
Note: PhotoRoom releases prior to Version 1.6 use the semicolon character as the separator.
thumbnail_max_dimension 120 Specifies the maximum dimensions (height and width) of each thumbnail image.
slideshow_max_dimension 400 Specifies the maximum dimensions (height and width) of each image displayed in the slide show.
prefix_delimiter - This is used to remove leading characters from the directory that should not be displayed as part of the album name within Photo Room. This is handy for sorting photo albums.
display_image_count false Displays the number of images in each photo album.
directory_sort_order desc Controls the sort order for the photo album names (directories). Use "asc" to sort in ascending order; "desc" to sort in descending order.
logo_flag nologo Will display a watermark image in the upper right corner of a rendered image. Typically used to include a copyright message on the image.

Valid values: image | slideshow | thumbnail | nologo
where image will display the watermark on full images found on the tricks.aspx page. slideshow will add the watermark to slideshow images. thumbnail will add the watermark to thumbnail images. And nologo will not display any watermark.

Note: You can use a combination of logo_flag settings to display the watermark on different image types. For example, setting logo_flag to "image|slideshow" will display the watermark on both the full image and the slideshow image.
logo_image images/watermark.jpg Specifies the file location of the watermark image.
page_size 20 Sets the number of images to display per page. Set to 0 to turn off paging.
image_columns 0 To display the thumbnail images in a table set image_columns to some value greater than zero. This is used to control the layout of the thumbnails, ie, the number of thumbnail images displayed across the screen.
display_img_alt true To display the image file name on the thumbnail images set display_img_alt to true. This will add the ALT attribute to the IMG tag for the thumbnail images causing the file name to be displayed in the mouse over popup. In other words when the mouse cursor is over a thumbnail image the file name will be displayed.

Photo Room displays photo albums in a fairly plain but pleasant web page. However there will be some who wish to brand Photo Room with the common look of their web site. The folks at did just that.

Photo Room consist of a single web page, default.aspx. To rebrand the page with your own look simply modify the HTML found in default.aspx.

Photo album names are sorted by name. In cases where one wishes to sort in a different order, directory names can be prefixed with a sort token. For example, to sort albums by date prefix each directory name with a date in YYYYMMDD format.

In cases where you do not wish to display the sort token as part of the album name, separate the sort token prefix and the album name with a prefix delimiter character. This character must be specified as the value for the appSetting key prefix_delimiter found in the web.config. For example, 20020219-Snowboarding Trip.